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Matcha Slim Tea has already captured the hearts of many healthy weight loss advocates in the UK. The organic functional drink mix contains matcha green tea extract, enriched with taurine and citric acid. The proven 100% natural composition helps you lose weight quickly and effortlessly.

Matcha Slim Tea Powder can be purchased by filling out a short order form on our official website. In this case you will receive a 50% discount. The cost of a premium organic product is only 49£.

Doctor's review

Doctor Nutritionist Alfie Alfie
18 years
Based on my experience, I have given up the rough methods of fighting for the ideal weight. Ways to lose weight, to keep the body rigid, only cause discord in its work and, as a result, damage health. Losing weight is a complex process. When people in the UK ask me the best way to lose weight, I always recommend Matcha Slim Tea Powder. It harmoniously reorganizes the work of the body, forcing it to get rid of fat on the background of general recovery. Cleansing, rejuvenation and multiple acceleration of the metabolism improve your body without exhaustion and sagging skin, as in other cases.